About us

AMSET stands for Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services, Experiential and Transformational. The first three contribute to the current Economies of globe in varying proportions, while the remaining two-Experiential and Transformational are the expected areas which will contribute more to the economies in future.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. The sum total of Energy in Universe is always constant. Any economic activity requires Energy in some form as input to result in a desired output and this Energy comes with a cost. Needless to say that lower the costs, better the Business profits. The competitive landscape is getting ruthless and Organizations with focused approach on Cost management ONLY will survive in the long run. Thanks to the recent developments on account of Environmental concerns due to global warming, Cost of Energy is “controllable” to a great extent compared to other contributors to Cost.

AMSET Energy Systems and Solutions is promoted by Anand Engineering Products Private Limited, a heavy steel Fabricator based out of Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. Resourced with a team of seasoned Energy Auditors, exposed to Thermal and Electrical space, the focus will be on the Energy Efficiency and Renewable areas.

AMSET firmly believes that Energy Management for any Business organization is a journey, increasing the longevity of Organizations and if pursued in disciplined manner, will enhance the contribution to triple bottom line-3 P’s- People, Profit and Planet.