Instrument List for Energy Audit-Typical
No.  Instrument  Intended Use 
1 Flue Gas Analysers
Used for optimizing the combustion efficiency by measuring/monitoring the oxygen and CO levels in flue gas of boilers, furnaces etc. and calculation of CO2 percentage in excess air level and efficiency.
2 Temperature Indicators
Used for measuring temperatures of gases/air, iquids, slurries, semi solids, powders etc. Using different types of probes. 
3 Infrared Thermometers
Used for measuring temperatures from a distance using infrared technology. 
4 Thermal Insulation scanner
Used for measuring loss of energy in Kcal per  unit area from hot/cold insulated surfaces. The  total loss can be obtained by multiplying the total  surface under study. 
5 Steam Trap Monitor
Used for performance evaluation of steam Traps. 
6 Conductivity Meter
Used for on the spot water analysis of the  amount of dissolved solids in water. 
7 pH meter
Used for on the spot analysis of effective acidity or alkalinity of a solution/water. Acidity /alkalinity water. 
8 Thermo-hygrometer
Used for measurement of air velocity & humidification, ventilation, Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems etc. 
9 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Used for measurement of flow of liquids through pipelines of various sizes through ultrasonic sensors mounted on the pipelines. 
10 U-Tube Manometer
Used for measurement of differential pressure.
11 Digital Manometer
Used for measurement of differential pressure.
12 Visguage
Used for measurement of differential viscosity. 
13 Used Lube Oil Test Kit
Used for testing lube oil. 
1 Non-Contact Tachometer Used for measurement of speed of rotation equipment.
2 Demand Analyser Used for measurement and analysis of electrical load and demand control.
3 Power Analyser Used for measurement and analysis of electrical Power.
4 Harmonic Analyser Used for analysis of harmonics in power System.
5 Luxmeter Used for measurement of illumination level.
6 Clip on Dig. Watt Meter Used for measurement of power without interrupting the connections.
7 Clip on Dig. PF Meter Used for measurement of power factor without interrupting the connection.
8 Clamp on amp. Meter Used for measurement of current without Interrupting the connections.
9 Digital Multimeter Used for measurement of voltage. Current and resistance.
10 Frequency Meter Used for measurement of power supply frequency.
11 Earth Leakage Tester Used for the leakage current in the earthing.


S.No Instruments Name Make Model Serial Number Value(INR) Qty Measuring Range and Specifications Recived Month /Year
1 Weather proof multifunction
clamp on Ultrasonic
Flow meter( liquid flow only)
PORTALOK 7S PUFM -44100529        507,600.00 1  -30 o C to 100
o C, 1/2" to 98"
any liquid
1. Flow meter probe:
Range: -30  o C to 100 o C
Model no.: P5l7 24695, U211
2 3 phase power and
Harmonics analyzer
382095 10260250        197,009.00 1 1 A to 3000 A Apr-11
1. Current Probe: 
Range: 1 /10 /100 A:
2.Voltage probe
Range: 600 V
  Flexible CT Probe EXTECH INSTRUMENTS 382098            37,941.00 1 0 to 3000 A Nov-11
3 Combustion Analyser KANE
International Ltd
KANE 900 plus 24410274        105,750.00 1 ACCESSORIES: 11-Apr
1.standard probe
4 IR Thermometer
with Wireless interface
42560 10079526          20,621.00 1 Laser point:-50oCto1050oC Apr-11
K-Type range:-50oCto1370oC 
1.Temp. probe(-30oCt300oC) 
2. Transmitter Base: 
5 Thermo Anemometer PROVA
Instruments inc.
AVM-03 10080283          13,219.00 1 Specification:
23 o C+or– 5 oC 
m/s: 0.3to 45
(other options in
6 Digital Lux Meter Lutron LX-101  AE
           2,400.00 1 0-50000 Lux 11-Sep
7 Photo/Contact Digital Tachometer Lutron DT-2236 AD.70331          13,219.00   Photo Tach-5 to
99,999 RPM
Contact Tach-0.5 to 19,999 RPM
Surface speed(m/min)-0.05 to 1,999.9
8 Sling Psychrometer ZEAL-C   A08719,
           2,576.00 1 Dry bulb &
Wet bulb
temperature measurements