Approach to Energy Audit


Energy Audit has 3 distinct phases

• Measurement- at Client’s premises
• Analysis- at Auditors office
• Reporting- submission to Client

The Implementation [if pursued] of Energy Audit proposals has the following phases
          • Monitoring
          • Verification


Measurement phase

Opening Day – Initiation of Audit & Measurement phase at Client’s premises
• Opening meeting with Top Management involving Maintenance team
• Scope of Energy Audit- finalisation
• Identification of “pain” areas if any
• Resource planning- support required from clients end for conducting measurements
• Fixing time line for completing measurement phase

Closing meeting upon completion of Measurement

Analysis & Reporting phases

•Gaps in Measurement, if any, identified during Analysis will be carried out with Clients consent
• A draft report containing
          1. Energy Conservation opportunities in 3 categories-
                    • Zero Investment [Instant payback]
                    • Minor Investment [pay back in < 2 years]
                    • Major Investment [pay back < 3 years]

2. Good practices –Safe practices increasing longevity of equipments

will be submitted to Management, for discussions.

• Technically and Economically feasible proposals will be identified and the Final report, with details of Measurement, will be submitted to Management.

The Implementation phase will be undertaken on the advice of Management.